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Personenschutz Österreich

The increasing threat to people in public life or the private sector is more and more often the reason why personal protection is ordered. Whether it's for specific reasons such as threats, the detection of possible spying or a subjective feeling of insecurity.

The aim of personal protection is to restore a sense of security for the client, as well as for the security around the client, the protection of their privacy, family and home. 


  • In addition to protecting the client, the tasks of a bodyguard include Reconnaissance of objects

  • Reconnaissance of travel routes

  • Planning travel routes, protective measures for events and appointments

  • Object protection of the clientArmed or unarmed deployment


Which measures are to be implemented or perhaps even need to be implemented will be clarified during a non-binding and free initial consultation.

Just a minder?


The training of a bodyguard comprises many chapters. In addition to driving, close combat and weapons training, paramedic, law and much more are also part of a bodyguard's daily bread. The job also requires a certain level of mental and physical fitness. 



Please feel free to contact me for a non-binding initial consultation.

Personenschutz Österreich
Personenschutz Österreich

Personal protection with chauffeur service


The ideal solution for business appointments. You can use the travel time to go about your business while you can rely on arriving safely at your destination. The vehicle is always occupied during the appointment, thus preventing possible tampering.


We mainly use our customers' own vehicles from our fleet for the chauffeur service, but we will provide a suitable vehicle if required.


Please contact me for further information!

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